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Time to Relax!

Lavender and magnesium have known benefits to help you relax. You can find both ingredients in this body lotion from Posh. Not all kids like the smell of lavender so start with small amounts during the day to make sure your child tolerates the smell. Good for stressed-out parents too! You can find the product […]

What Your Child Really Wants

Your child’s wish list this holiday season probably includes the latest gaming system, baby dolls, science kits, or marble runs with pieces that will be lost by January 1. Yet, written in invisible ink at the top of this list is something your child desires more than anything else.   What your child really wants […]

Your Child’s Table

Some websites cover all the information you need! Check out www.yourchild’stable.com for details on eating milestones, picky eaters, food jags, and recipes for nutritious bedtime snacks. Free workshops too!  

Shy vs. Social Anxiety: What Your Doctor Should Know

One of my roles as a professional in the field of psychology has been to teach others who work with kids, especially medical personnel, how to recognize and treat mental health problems in their office setting. Below is one example of an article written for the American Academy of Pediatrics to help pediatricians know how […]

Worry Workbook

Does your child worry too much? This is my favorite workbook to share with your child ages 8-12 who struggles with worries and fears. The author does a fantastic job of helping your child discover what worry is, what it looks like in their body, and what to do about it through practical strategies. Most […]

Does It Need To Be Said?

If you counted all the words you said to your child today, how many of them were really necessary? Which words acknowledged a problem? Comforted a worry? Encouraged effort? Provided useful direction? How many restated a failure that could not be undone? Threatened a consequence you won’t deliver? Pointed out the unhelpful obvious? Or created […]